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The Monash Advantage

  • Product strategy
  • Strategic positioning
  • Competitive de-positioning
  • Online marketing
  • Partnerships
  • Acquisitions
  • Database management
  • Business intelligence
  • Text analytics

We give you detailed counsel on all these subjects, and more ... but only if you join the Monash Advantage program.

Monash Advantage features

The Monash Advantage executive program has three major components, each of which helps IT vendors market, sell and operate more successfully:

  • Retainer consulting, enriching your strategy and tactics over the course of the year.
  • Targeted inquiries, drilling down into the particular subjects that most concern you.
  • Access to our writing and speaking services.

The Monash Advantage has two standard service levels, designed for small startups and more established companies respectively, plus a custom level for clients who want to involve Monash Research particularly closely in their tactical and strategic planning.

I have known Curt for more than 20 years, and through the lens of 6 different companies. He is always interesting to talk to and to bounce ideas off of. Unlike many analysts, his writings are usually spot-on and technically accurate. I find his advice typically more useful than that from others in his profession.

Mike Stonebraker