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White Papers

Monash Research writes sponsored white papers under two conditions:

  • The subject matter is interesting, both to us and to IT organizations.
  • The sponsor understands and agrees that the white paper will be truly independent.

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Selected Monash Research white papers

The Explosion in DBMS Choice, August 2008
Market-leading DBMS can be expensive and cumbersome, partly because of now-obsolete design choices. For ever more use cases, there are superior alternatives, such as specialty data warehouse DBMS or cost-effective mid-range database management systems. Sponsored by EnterpriseDB.

Pervasive PSQL Summit v10 Highlights, September 2007
Pervasive Software introduced a new version of its PSQL DBMS, called Summit v10, boasting important improvements in performance and relational functionality.

Design Choices in MPP Data Warehousing, May 2007
DATAllegro's v3 product series highlights important issues in data warehouse software and appliance design, including raw computing power, balance between different kinds of computing elements, chip-specific optimization, networking acceleration, and disk reliability.

Index-Light MPP Data Warehousing, March 2007
For large data warehouses, index-light MPP appliances are superior to conventional DBMS.  Three key factors are shared-nothing MPP architectures, reduced use of indexing, and avoidance of random disk reads.  DATAllegro's products offer an archetypical example.

Specialty Technology for Relationship Analytics, November 2006
For certain kinds of pattern-recognition analytics, a directed graph is the natural model.  A data management tool based on a directed graph paradigm could help with performance and hence functionality.  Sponsored by Cogito.

Memory-Centric Data Management, May 2006
RAM is hugely faster than disk.  In particular, memory-centric processing avoids the bottleneck of disk rotation speed, which has only increased 12.5-fold in the 50 years since disk storage was invented.  From analytics to OLTP, there are a variety of memory-centric data management tools exploiting these advantages, in relational and non-relational models alike.  Sponsors featured, with multi-page interviews, include Applix (TM1), Progress Software, SAP (BI Accelerator), and Solid Information Technology.

Analytic Business Processes: The Third Generation, November 2004
Third-generation analytic business processes don't just gather and report on data.  They also turn the results of the analysis directly into business decisions, via processes that are efficient, repeatable, and transparently auditable.  Sponsored by SAP.

Information Systems for the High-Integrity Enterprise , July 2003
A high-integrity enterprise requires data that is accurate, complete, timely, consistent, and in context.  BI and CPM technologies are crucial to that effort.  Sponsored by Cognos.

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