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Consulting Services

Since 1981, Curt Monash has worked closely with the senior management of software companies of all sizes. Armed with that unrivalled experience, and with vast market and technical knowledge, we help our clients solve their knottiest business problems.

Our Approach

Analysts commonly judge existing products and the market response to them. They also assess whether vendors have the resources and the focus to execute their stated strategies. We do that too. But we go much farther.

Our unique value lies in identifying constraints, threats, and opportunities that might not be apparent through more conventional analysis. Questions we commonly address include:

  • What are your competitors’ current and likely future strategies? What will new entrants do? What pressures will they face in other segments that might dictate their strategy in yours? Do their products and positioning in other segments create any weaknesses you can exploit?
  • What views and assumptions are shared by vendors, influencers, and users? How are they likely to change over time? How can you affect them?
  • How good is the match between your products, marketing messages, and distribution strategies? Can you align them better?
  • Are you using any marketing messages that are not credible, given your product's history and/or positioning?
  • What opportunities are there to strengthen or leverage your positioning and brand? Via acquisition? Partnership? In-house development?
  • Can you exploit innovative distribution strategies?

“Because Curt is both a consultant and a phenomenal analyst, his consulting projects quickly troubleshoot and fix the **right** things for vendors. He is both insightful and intuitive. From the perspective of a vendor, he is frustratingly right: able to see through flimsy arguments much more often than I would like. But that acuity gives a special value to his consulting work.”

Dave Taber