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Consulting Testimonials

“Because Curt is both a consultant and a phenomenal analyst, his consulting projects quickly troubleshoot and fix the **right** things for vendors. He is both insightful and intuitive. From the perspective of a vendor, he is frustratingly right: able to see through flimsy arguments much more often than I would like. But that acuity gives a special value to his consulting work.”


-- David Taber, CEO
David Taber & Associates

"When CA acquired Ingres, Curt provided tremendous competitive insight and strategic marketing acumen, and greatly influenced our decisions for the better. At the time, I was in charge of development and marketing for all of CA's DBMS and application development products; even though he was a company outsider, Curt was one of the most valuable members of my team.”


-- Predrag Dizdarevic
Partner, CAPCO

I have known Curt for more than 20 years, and through the lens of 6 different companies. He is always interesting to talk to and to bounce ideas off of. Unlike many analysts, his writings are usually spot-on and technically accurate.  I find his advice typically more useful than that from others in his profession.

-- Dr. Michael Stonebraker
Founding CTO
Vertica Systems and StreamBase Systems

"Curt is willing to provide direct answers to our questions, including the questions that many analysts shy away from, making his perspective invaluable. After consulting with him, we walk away confident that we have an accurate insider's view of the market."


-- Julie Bassett
VP of Corporate Marketing

"Curt's uncanny ability to cut to the chase has helped us tremendously!  We ran all our messaging by him -- from general concepts to details of website and slides -- and it all showed real improvement after his input."   


-- Ed Peters

"Analysts walk a difficult line when working with competing companies but Curt still manages to be helpful and fair. Not only do we value Curt’s witty insight into the market, but he truly seems committed to helping companies better position themselves and improve their success. ... Curt’s expertise in the data warehousing market and his background as a columnist enable him to write very in-depth and insightful whitepapers which have been a great help to our business."

-- Stuart Frost, General Manager
Data Warehousing Product Unit, Microsoft