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We offer various forms of speaking engagements. Most common are vendor-sponsored online “webinars.” On a typical webinar, Curt Monash will speak and answer questions for as much of the usual 1 hour duration seems best. The general subject is agreed between us and the sponsor; the specific points are at our discretion. Usually, the theme is one that we have suggested that the sponsor emphasize in its marketing, as part of our consulting relationship.

Our basic terms and conditions for webinar services include:

  • Only Monash Advantage members can sponsor Monash Research webinars.
  • Sponsors receive an unlimited license to replay the webinar in its entirety. So does Monash Research. Monash Research retains copyright, except that the sponsor retains copyright of any of its own material that is included.
  • Monash Research webinars are truthfully marketed as being independent.

We also speak in person, to user and vendor groups alike. Please contact us about availability and fees.

Webinars and other user-oriented events are typically announced in whichever of our blogs is most appropriate for the subject matter, and also on the general Monash Research announcement feed.

“Curt has been an absolutely brilliant and insightful analyst and strategic consultant for the software industry for several decades. He is an astute financial analyst, trusted advisor, highly-regarded industry pundit, and prolific writer.”

Adam Rin