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From time to time, we write vendor-sponsored white papers. In our current format, such a paper is several pages long. It covers a few interesting and important points, which are united under a single theme. Usually, the theme and supporting points are ones that we have suggested that the sponsor emphasize in its marketing, as part of our consulting relationship.

Our basic terms and conditions for white paper projects include:

  • Only Monash Advantage members can sponsor Monash Research white papers.
  • Sponsors receive an unlimited license to reproduce the white paper in its entirety, in any format. So does Monash Research. Monash Research retains copyright, except that the sponsor retains copyright of any of its own material that is included.
  • Monash Research white papers are truthfully marketed as being independent. For example, while sponsors have multiple opportunities to review and comment on papers as they are written, they do not have a right of final approval.

Examples of recent white papers may be found here. Completed white papers are typically announced in whichever of our blogs is most appropriate for the subject matter, and also on the general Monash Research announcement feed.

“Curt’s expertise in the ... market and his background as a columnist enable him to write very in-depth and insightful whitepapers which have been a great help to our business.”

Stuart Frost