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Services for Technology Users

As a technology developer, you ultimately focus on three conflicting challenges:

  • Providing important, valuable, and indeed competitively crucial features.
  • Achieving satisfactory -- if not blazing -- performance.
  • Minimizing costs, be those measured in terms of money, development effort, or administrative burden.

To balance and achieve these goals, you must sort through a sometimes dizzying variety of technologies, products, development strategies, and tradeoffs. That's where we come in. We have industry-leading knowledge in critical areas of technology, such as database management (whether analytic, OLTP, or NoSQL) or the full stack of analytic technologies. We excel at teaching you just what you most need to know. Even better, we're expert consultants, quickly drilling down to the central issues in your particular situation.


Our two standard service bundles are:

  • A single half-hour inquiry. This is priced at $997.
  • Five hours. This bundle is designed to include introductory discussions, an all-hands teleconference with multiple members of your team, some quick follow-up inquiries, and a brief written summary of our recommendations and conclusions. However, it may be used in whatever ways best suit you. It is priced at $4,997.

Either bundle may be purchased multiple times.

Retainer relationships are also possible, and indeed represent our best value. Contact us for pricing.

“Curt is one of the best, fact-based analysts in the industry. Great expertise in analytics, technology, and applications.”

Dennis Moore