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Most of our published research can be found in a collection of blogs. (Much of the rest can be found in a series of in-depth white papers.) We encourage readers to subscribe to our full, integrated feed, as topic areas can be spread across multiple blogs. For example, we’ve covered data mining on each of Text Technologies, DBMS 2, and the Monash Report.

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Alternatively, we have separate websites and feeds for each of our topical blogs. Or just zoom in on specific subjects via our cross-site search!


DBMS 2 covers enterprise data management and analytic technologies and practices. It is an industry leader in its coverage of data warehouse appliances, complex event processing, and other advanced or disruptive technologies.

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Text Technologies

Text Technologies covers text analytics and/or linguistics-based technologies, such as text mining (where it is a consensus industry leader) and search. It also offers insight into social media and internet communication in general.

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Strategic Messaging

Strategic Messaging covers the theory and practice of marketing. In particular, it discusses strategic marketing and positioning, and the messaging that supports and creates them.

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The Monash Report

The Monash Report covers a variety of subjects in the technology, business, and public policy of IT.

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Software Memories

Software Memories records history and anecdotes of the software industry over the past 25-40 years, with a particular focus on the 1980s. It is less active than our other blogs.

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Outside Blogs

In addition to the blogs listed above, Curt Monash writes the blog A World of Bytes for Network World, which is not included in our integrated feed. Also, the Intelligent Enterprise blog Data Frontiers syndicates selected posts from DBMS2 and Text Technologies.

"Curt Monash's publications provide unmatched insight into technology and marketplace trends."

Larry Ellison


"In my opinion, Curt is one of the very few 'database people' who also understands search and text."

Dave Kellogg


“DBMS2 [is] probably the best data warehousing news source there is.”

Larry Greenfield


"Curt is a very smart analyst who digs into the hard questions and (more importantly) can understand and communicate the answers."

Michael Stonebraker