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Our Consulting Specialties

We help technology vendors create, refine, and execute winning competitive strategies. Our specialties include difficult and important issues such as:

  • How can you influence the views and assumptions shared by vendors, influencers, and users?
  • How will your current and future competitors’ strategies evolve?
  • Which marketing messages can you not credibly use, because of your product position, history, or other messaging?
  • What outside-the-box opportunities are there to strengthen -- or leverage -- your positioning?
  • Who should you partner with, and how can you persuade them to do so?

Some of our particular areas of expertise include:

  • Positioning. Few strategic decisions are as important as your corporate and product positioning. We help refine your positioning, so that you can lead in markets large enough to sustain your company's growth.
  • Product development and acquisition strategy. The most important consequence of a positioning decision is the choice of which products to offer. We guide you through product planning and acquisition decisions.
  • Message fortification. Your marketing messages need to be defensible against competitors' attempts to "de-position" you. We get your messaging combat-ready.

We ask that our vendor consulting clients start by joining the Monash Advantage program.

Curt's uncanny ability to cut to the chase has helped us tremendously!  We ran all our messaging by him -- from general concepts to details of website and slides -- and it all showed real improvement after his input.   

Ed Peters