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Monash Advantage details

There are three versions of the Monash Advantage executive program:

Paperwork for all three versions of the Monash Advantage can be found here.

Monash Advantage Lite

At its core, the Monash Advantage Lite includes:

  • Unmetered quick email inquiry and advice, within reason.
  • Three other inquiries per year.
  • Candid, detailed feedback on technology and market briefings, up to two or three per year.

The Monash Advantage Lite further includes:

  • Introductions to our contacts when, in our opinion, it makes sense for both parties.
  • Eligibility to purchase our other services, such as speaking or writing.
  • Eligibility for press release quotes, subject to our usual integrity requirements (we write the quotes ourselves, and only on subjects we feel sufficiently favorable about). We do not charge for these.

The Monash Advantage Lite costs $10,000/year, and starts on the first day of a calendar quarter. A one-year membership in the Monash Advantage Lite can be converted at any time in its first six months to half-payment for the Monash Advantage Basic.

Monash Advantage Basic

The Monash Advantage Basic includes:

  • Everything in the Monash Advantage Lite.
  • Unmetered inquiries, within reason.
  • Detailed feedback on an unmetered number of briefings, within reason, if we're also interested in those briefings on a research basis.

The Monash Advantage Basic costs $20,000/year, and starts on the first day of a calendar quarter.

Monash Advantage Custom

The Monash Advantage Custom includes:

  • Everything in the Monash Advantage Basic.
  • Unmetered discussion of forward-looking strategic issues, generally including multiple on-site visits per year.

The Monash Advantage Custom costs at least $40,000/year. The precise terms are customized for each client, based on their needs, and on the level of services they are expected to consume.

What is an inquiry?

An inquiry is a single-subject discussion, such as:

  • A detailed email exchange, reviewing a piece of collateral before it goes out.
  • A discussion of a particular technology, market, marketing, and/or competitive issue.

Inquiries are generally by telephone and/or email, unless face-to-face is mutually convenient.

“...Curt Monash was an amazingly helpful advisor. Curt helped us think through our whole strategic direction; he gave us good, technically deep guidance on product features and priorities; he even went over our positioning and slide presentations line by line in a laser focused manner. The final result was significantly better.”

-- Panos Anastassiadis